In an organization or enterprise catering to hundreds of thousands of clients in real-time, working in a rapid environment, a failure in the system for some small duration can be critically hazardous for the entire company no matter how magnanimous the customers. We might not always be able to predict when the next disaster might be but, we can prepare ourselves and our system from these unsolicited disasters. For times like these, Azure has provided services for Enterprise-scale business continuity and disaster recovery. Today, in this article, we’ll learn to dive deep into these features and functionalities in Azure.

Business Continuity


Today, all businesses are data businesses — thus, every organization needs a data strategy at its heart. Data is the lifeblood of any business and it is widely heralded as the new oil. Like water, data needs to be accessible, it needs to be clear and it is needed to survive for every organization. This article talks about the tools Azure has provided for Data Warehousing — Azure Synapse Analytics. Data Warehouses and Data Lakes are vital parts of business intelligence and analytics and with these proper tools of the trade, the article explains, decision-making hasn’t ever been easier.


GDPR was launched to better the management and protection of the personal data of an average user. In an era when data breach news is heard every other day, GDPR has set the guideline which organizations in the EU and EEA are obliged to follow such that the long-time gap on the advocacy of the proper legislation to protect the data of the users has come into fruition. However, it isn’t easy to process the data and provide the level of security that GDPR guideline suggests for the individual organizations. Each organization needs to document the locations and identify the…

In this article, we’ll talk about Microsoft AI, the pathway to learn for beginners who are curious to explore the Microsoft AI Platforms, various functionalities and features supported by Machine Learning Studio in Azure, and the processes to train and better the Machine Learning Models with Azure. We also learn about different algorithms and thus gain the overall knowledge to get started and work with Microsoft Azure AI.

Check out the official website of the summit to register as an attendee or to be a speaker and share your knowledge with the community.

What is Microsoft AI?

Microsoft AI is a powerful framework that…

In this article, we’ll learn about Serverless Computing. There are different components associated with it and here we’ll focus on Azure and the services it provides for Serverless Architecture. C# Corner is also having a week-long virtual event on Azure — Azure Summit 2021. To learn more about Azure and its constituent technologies, attending this event will help you explore and experience deeper with Azure. Check out the official website of the summit to register as an attendee or to be a speaker and share your knowledge with the community.

What is Serverless and Why do we need it?

Serverless is basically a method of computing where the demanded…

This article discusses Automated Machine Learning and reducing time to obtaining accurate insight with low code. From the basics of What Automated Machine Learning really is to its use cases, various algorithms, and numerous other services and technical subjects for the Azure Automated Machine Learning are explained here.

Automated Machine Learning

Automated Machine Learning (Auto ML) refers to automating the machine learning model development process which is mostly iterative and extremely time-consuming which enables developers, analysts, and data scientists to build highly scalable, efficient, and productive Machine Learning Models. Azure provides the feature of Auto ML which makes it easier to obtain production-ready…

We learned the basics about the programming language R in our previous article Basic Intro to R. Today, we’ll be moving ahead on that foundation and learn about Data Visualization and Data Wrangling in R. R is extensively used by statisticians and visualization. R is a near and dear language for most statisticians. Data Wrangling helps us get appropriate data for our visualization, and visualization itself brings meaning to our data while at the same time. Aesthetically pleasing graphs to showcase and represent our hard work is supported by R with numerous libraries which we discuss in this article.

Data Visualization


In this article, we talk about R Programming Language. We discuss its uses, the niche group of people who greatly benefit by this, its advantages above some of the other programming language for its specific purpose and later dive deeper into its Data types and get hands on experience with programming.

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R Programming Language(R): R is a programming language which is widely used for graphics and statistical computing. R Foundation for Statistical Computing supports the R language and has also provided free software environment. Statisticians and data…

In today’s article, we’ll explore multitudes of learnings. First, we’ll start with Introduction to Data Analytics. Here, we’ll give brief knowledge about Data Analytics, the processes used to make meaning out of the raw data, and then we’ll get to know various Scientific Libraries in Python as follows,

  • NumPy
  • Pandas
  • Matplotlib

Data Analytics

Data Analytics can be defined as a process by which raw data is examined in order to draw conclusions and make information out of that raw data.

Steps for Data Analytics,

  • Get the Data
    In today’s age of data, it is easier to find data. One can always opt for…

Data Science uses multitudes of scientific methods, algorithms, and processes to extract knowledge and insight from data and uses it across wide range of domains. Data Science helps to extract patterns from raw data which would have been invisible beforehand. In order to access and experiment with these data, a Database is essential. Thus, today we’ll learn about the Database as a whole and use examples and features of T-SQL to learn to find meaning out of raw data.

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Transact SQL(T-SQL)

T-SQL is one of the mostly widely used SQL Derivatives. It is known as a…

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