In this article, we’ll discuss Test-Driven Development in Data Science. The nitty-gritty details of the need and benefits of Testing are discussed in birds-eye view for Data Science tasks. We’ll learn about Unit tests, their pros, and cons, and some great tools for the testing are introduced.


Testing is a part of the software development life cycle that has been discussed in the previous article Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). It is crucial that the code is tested before being deployed. This enables finding errors and faults before they can cause any major impact.

Software testing refers to the process…

1. What is Azure Summit?

Azure Summit 2021 is a weeklong virtual annual event on Microsoft Azure and the technology and functionality it encompasses which is happening on September 13–19 this 2021. We will have multiple sessions from speakers across the globe for the entire ecosystem of Azure and would be an excellent learning experience to all the attendees for all levels.

2. Link to the Registration:

Please Register as an attendee from the following link:

3. Benefits of Registering

There are numerous benefits of registering for our events. First of all, this is a wonderful learning platform for developers…

This is the second part of the article following the previously published, Commonly Used Python Functions. In this article, we’ll discuss the Python functions used for Python List, Python Dictionaries, Python Tuple, and Python Set. These built-in functions come in very handy in day-to-day usage for various purposes from using it in the development of applications, data science projects, web scraping, and more.

Data Structure

Data Structure in Computer Science is a process of organizing and managing data with a storage format such that efficient access and modification can be attained during its usage. Data Structure and Algorithms are part of the…

In this article, we’ll discuss the most commonly used Python functions with details. These built-in functions come very handy in day-to-day usage for various purposes from using it in the development of applications, data science projects, web scraping, and more.

Let us get started with the most basic. Allocating a value to a variable.


A python variable stores value in the physical memory location. It is used to allocate a value from integer, float, string, and so on.

x = “Welcome to my Article”

Here, the string, “Welcome to my Article” is stored in the variable ‘x’.


len() is a…

Call for Speaker Link:

CfS closes at 11:59 PM

31 Jul 2021

Call for speakers for Azure Summit 2021.

Azure Summit 2021 is a weeklong virtual annual event happening on September 13–19 this 2021. We announce the floor open to enthusiastic speakers. We will have multiple sessions from the entire ecosystem of Azure and of all levels.

If you are a Microsoft MVP, C# Corner MVP or identify as a Solution Architect, Cloud Architect, Cloud Advocate, Data Engineer or with profound experience with Azure, the community welcomes you for your contributions.

Panel Discussion:

Azure Summit 2021 will also organize series of…

In this article, we will learn about various software engineering practices common in the software industry today. This will help improve the standard of code, code quality, and practices which helps to develop a better system in a long-term view.

In a professional setting, when teams are building software for some specific client or developing an in-house project for the company itself, it is important to write clean, modular code. This will benefit them in numerous ways along with any easier modification for the future, thus future-proofing the system. Let us learn about different matters to take into concern.

Production Code


In this article, we’ll talk about some libraries in Python, learn about API and then write a program to fetch data from API to make a fun interactive map plot.


Python is one of the easiest and most widely-used programming languages across the globe,

  • Taught as a beginning programming language to students
  • Clear syntax facilitates, ease of understanding and code indentation
  • Active communities of libraries and modules developers


Pandas is a software library that is written for data manipulation and analysis, especially for Python. …

This article takes a walkthrough of the various aspects of Computer Vision and the libraries and features, a hands-on experience of programming to detect objects with a short programming task. Computer Vision has been enabled with the rise of Machine Learning Algorithms and easily accessible libraries. Let us, take a look and experience the example in this article.

Object Detection

Object Detection is a process of detecting, locating, and identifying objects from a visual image or a video. It is a kind of Image Processing and Computer Vision technology, which are performed mainly with Machine Learning and Deep Learning implementation.



Artificial Intelligence though having become a common term in today’s time, not just to the technologically aware citizens of the world, but even among regular people has the potential to drive humanity forward in an exponential impact index that hasn’t surfaced yet. The untapped potential of AI will take years and if not many more decades to come to fruition before its growth comes to a halt. In this article, we talk about Artificial Intelligence and its key elements and the services provided by Microsoft Azure to help innovators build AI Intelligent Systems.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the branch of…

Microsoft Azure is a beloved service that is home to millions of applications and handles over 40 billion requests on a daily basis. It provides services that support robust applications to be developed, tested, and launched with enterprise-grade performance, security, and compliances such as GDPR. Today, in this article, we talk about the ways to access the platform, the approach to learn and grow with Microsoft Azure, and at the same time achieve certifications on Azure.


Azure is a cloud computing service developed by Microsoft which enables organizations and individuals to build, test, deploy and manage their applications in…

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